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  • Stoff: Trenbolone Acetate
This product (Trenbolone Enanthate) is sold under different names:

Trenadex Enanthate
Trenaplex E

In order to understand Trenbolone Enanthate, we must first understand the Trenbolone Hormone itself. With an understanding of how the enanthate ester works, we can fully understand the benefits it can provide. Trenbolone Enanthate, like all Trenbolone forms, is a 19-still class anabolic androgenic steroid that is both highly anabolic and androgenic. The trenbolone hormone is so powerful that it is 500 times more anabolic than testosterone and 500 times more androgenic; As testosterone alone is so powerful this should give you a pretty good idea of ​​how amazing this steroid really is.

The Trenbolone Hormone naturally binds exceptionally well to the body's androgen receptors, and while this offers many benefits, it may be most interesting that Tren exists as it is well known that it can directly promote lipolysis; In fact, while all anabolic steroids promote metabolic activity, Trenbolone is one of the few that does so in a direct way. Trenbolone also plays an important role in the naturally produced protein hormone IGF-1; Many anabolic androgenic steroids promote the release of this powerful hormone, but few do so anywhere near the level of Tren. The presence of trenbolone in the body increases IGF-1 levels dramatically, and since this hormone affects almost every cell in the body in a highly anabolic manner, the positive functioning of the body increases ten-fold. This is, among other things, why the trenbolone hormone promotes healing and regeneration so strongly and quickly and this is not only important for the growing athlete, but perhaps even more so for the diet one, as trenbolone may indeed be the best muscle Preserver available.


Among other important features, like it with all testosterone based hormones Tren will greatly increase nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, as well as the production of red blood cells; However, it does so to a much greater extent that many other steroids stacked together may not work as powerfully as Tren. In addition, as you recall, the hormone directly promotes fat loss, but it further dramatically prohibits the presence of muscle wasting hormones like cortisol. All of these factors when coupled simply give the individual a more powerful and efficient body as well as one that is much more pleasing to the eye.

All of the features discussed so far are very important and they alone make Trenbolone Enanthate a powerful anabolic steroid, but of all the traits there is one that really stands out above and in fact allows this hormone to stand high above the rest. Trenbolone as by its original design strongly promotes what is called "Feed Efficiency" or what may more precisely for our purposes "Nutrient Efficiency". The trenbolone hormone first hit the market as a beef agent and the main attribute was simply improving the nutritional value of the foods cattle would eat. As you can understand, there is nothing more important than the food we eat; All of the anabolic steroids in the world are of little value when our food intake is not up to par. With the introduction of the trenbolone hormone into the equation, the food we eat just becomes more valuable; The hormone literally increases the foods you are already eating so that it can work more efficiently in the body. When we eat certain foods, only a certain amount of each nutrient can be used; For example, certain sources of protein absorb better than others, like eggs; You can absorb and use more of the protein derived from an egg than you can with red meat. In the case of eggs and red meat, while both can be very valuable to the athlete, with Trenbolone in play all of the nutrients they provide will simply become more valuable as their efficiency increases.

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As you now have a good understanding of the hormone, the next step is to understand the ester. Trenbolone is a hormone that can be attached to a wide variety of esters, but generally you'll find it attached to acetate, enanthate, or hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. While the hexahydrobenzyl carbonate was the original form available to most athletes, the one most commonly known as Parabolan, true Parabolan, is no longer in production; Some underground labs are still making a Parabolan version commonly known as Tren-Hex, but the original is long no longer available. This leaves us with the very first Trenbolone Hormone ever used in Trenbolone Acetate and it is without question the most popular and very effective Trenbolone Enanthate blend and that is what this is all about.